Regional Platform for Migration Data Exchange in the Western Balkans

The WB-MIDEX Platform is currently in the development and testing phase. The Platform has not been officially launched and no official data has been submitted to it. The data contained in the Platform at the moment is test data, which means that it can in no way be taken to represent any official position of the parties involved, including the MARRI Participants, MARRI, project beneficiaries and project partners.

About Us

The Regional Platform for Migration Data Exchange in the Western Balkans, or in short WB-MIDEX, is a regional mechanism where MARRI Participants exchange and share administrative migration statistics. The MARRI Participants are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo* and Serbia. The migration related statistics shared with and contained in WB – MIDEX are administrative and non-personal. The data contained in this platform has been officially provided by the MARRI Participants, and is the sole responsibility of the reporting administration. The Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative is regional structure, consisted of six Participants: Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo*. MARRI’s mandate is to promote closer regional cooperation and common, comprehensive and harmonized approach of MARRI Participants in areas of migration, asylum, border control, visa regimes, integration and return of refugees with the ambition to reach international and European standards in these areas. The MARRI Regional Centre in Skopje is the executive secretariat of MARRI and focal point for consultations, dialogue, trainings, information exchange, capacity building and other activities agreed by Participants.